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C-Sport was formed in 2005 after many years of competing and running motorsport cars.  Based in Galway the team has attracted many vehicles to its stable by hard work and dedication to the sport. C-Sport are specialist in running and maintaining all kinds of motorsport prepared vehicles.

C-Sport has been fortunate to has many customers who prefer to compete abroad, as such the team has competed all over Europe and as far away as New Zealand. This experience in logistics and planning has lead the team to be prepared for every eventuality. Whether you are competing in the World Rally Championship or a single stage rally, C-Sport is the preparation company for you.

Martin Cunningham
Martin CunninghamOwner
Mairt has been involved over motorsport for over 20 years. He started competing at a young age and since then he has been immersed in motorsport. Moving on from the competing Mairt worked with the likes of M-Sport before forming his own motorsport preparation business.

We Have Rallied All Over The World!